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 c400's Windows XP Corporate SP3 eXtreme Edition V14.0 (Rus Eng)

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Giới tính : Nam
Số Bài Viết : 1751
Vàng Vàng : 8336
Thanks : 3
Ngày Tham Gia : 07/03/2010
Tuổi Tuổi : 33
Mức độ yêu thích Freesoft 4rum ? :
10 / 1010 / 10

Bài gửiTiêu đề: c400's Windows XP Corporate SP3 eXtreme Edition V14.0 (Rus Eng)   Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:17 pm

c400's Windows XP Corporate SP3 eXtreme Edition V14.0 (Rus Eng)
Click this bar to view the full image.

c400's Windows XP Corporate SP3 eXtreme Edition V14.0 (Rus Eng) | 1,4GB

About the program: Building represents a multiloading disk. Of the
original XP cut all the extra stuff, integrates the latest drivers and
libraries. Also added a minimum of only the necessary software.

List of changes:
Added all hotfixes up to 07/15/2010
Updated 7-zip 9.15 beta
Updated Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
Update WMP 11
Updated Microsoft Silverlight v4.0.50524.0
Updated Sun Java 6.0 Update 1921
Updated Windows Update v7.4.7600.229
Update Adobe Flash Player ActiveX
Updated Adobe Shockwave Player slim
Updated driver for RAID controllers
Updated drivers for sound cards
Updated drivers for video cards
Updated PhysX driver
Updated driver for Wi-Fi card

3,500 megabytes of drivers sew! It is recommended that before installing
WINDOWS connect all possible devays to my computer! Defined almost

Other additions:
# Libraries
Adobe Flash Player ActiveX and Plugin
Adobe Shockwave Slim
Microsoft Direct X 9c (February 2010)
Microsoft Silverlight 4.0.50524.0
Microsoft. NET Framework 4.0
Sun Java 6.0 Update 21
Additional sets of libraries (the most recent builds)

# Updated program
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 HotfiXes
Windows Media Player 11 HotfiXes

# Utilities
STDU Viewer 1.5.264
7-zip 9.15
Notepad2 4.0.22-beta5 (Modified version)
HWMonitor 1.16
HashCheck 2.1.11
XP Raid 5 Hack
OfficeUpdateEngine 2
Change in MSCONFIG

# Utility is available from the boot menu (so far only been friends with IDE drives)
Testing memory - memtest86 4.0
Password Recovery - Active @ Password Changer 3.0 (break passwords on accounts WINDOWS Members area)
Recovering HDD - HDD Regenerator 1.61
Backup - Acronis True Image Enterprise Server 8.1.945
Working with sections HDD - Acronis Disk Director Suite 9.0.554, Symantec Notron PartitionMagic 8.05
Download DOS (NTFS) - run DOS with support for read and write to NTFS Volkov Commander

# Decorations
Cursors Windows Vista
Sounds from Windows Vista
Living from Windows Vista

What is carved:
ClipBook Viewer
Internet Games

# Multimedia
Images and Backgrounds
Luna desktop theme
Media Center
Mouse Cursors
Movie Maker
Music Samples
Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder
Tablet PC
Windows Sounds

# Network Application
FrontPage Extensions
MSN Explorer
Windows Messenger

# System Components
. NET Framework 1.0
Blaster / Nachi removal tool
Color Schemes
Desktop Cleanup Wizard
DR Watson
Help and Support
IExpress Wizard
MS Agent
Out of Box Experience (OOBE)
Search Assistant
Security Center
User account pictures
Zip Folders
# Services
0) During installation contains only those drivers that are needed, but not everything.
1) After downloading, no need to unpack the iso image, even if it is with WinRAR `'s TV icon
2) writes to disk using Nero 7, Nero 8, Nero 9, InfraRecorder, CDBurnerXP, etc.
3) In the distribution included Russifiers (MUI) and video instructions on installation. Russifiers consists of 3 files!
4) If something is buggy - First, check your hardware to the presence of
overheating, bedblokov on hard, bitosti RAM (necessary utilities
nadiske present)

The procedure for treatment:
not required, but just in case Image: DG8FV-B9TKY-FRT9J-6CRCC-XPQ4G

File: c400.XP.SP3.XE_DVD_v14.0.iso
CRC-32: 11575839
MD4: c18f0836c8fcc0b8e03bc6c57add032a
MD5: df346f64e7a62d371360bf6b93377181
SHA-1: a463f8747817742957e5847721649adeebf8c18c

On file:
Enabling | reg code: not required
Interface Language: English Russian MUI
File Format: iso
Platform / OS: x86
Home Page

Code: 3wuq99y/c400_s_Windows_XP_Corporate_SP3_eXtreme_Edition.part2.rar FfMUxq3/c400_s_Windows_XP_Corporate_SP3_eXtreme_Edition.part3.rar c8weZYw/c400_s_Windows_XP_Corporate_SP3_eXtreme_Edition.part4.rar V55HRYu/c400_s_Windows_XP_Corporate_SP3_eXtreme_Edition.part5.rar 9VKVqJV/c400_s_Windows_XP_Corporate_SP3_eXtreme_Edition.part6.rar


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c400's Windows XP Corporate SP3 eXtreme Edition V14.0 (Rus Eng)

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